About Us

Arts Connection of Cincinnati is a quarterly publication devoted to bringing together arts, artists and
art events. The magazine is designed for those who work within, participate in or simply enjoy art.
The magazine features exclusive studio interviews and profiles of established and emerging local
artists practicing across the diverse forms of art including visual, performing, literary and antique. It
chronicles art events and explores the art scene across the States and internationally.

The art professionals collaborating with Arts Connection of Cincinnati range across painters,
photographers, designers, architects, sculptors, academics, authors, composers, musicians, dancers,
choreographers, actors, critics, museum professionals and art collectors. The magazine provides
them opportunities to bring all the excitement of the art world to everyone who is fascinated by the

Designed to be highly visible, Arts Connection of Cincinnati keeps the pages classically clean
and lets the artwork speak for itself. With luxury paper stock, elegant design, beautiful imagery
and comprehensive essays, Arts Connection of Cincinnati distinguishes itself as a coffee-table
publication for an art appreciating audience.

For additional information about Arts Connection of Cincinnati, please download Media Kit 2011 PDF.